ABC fire extinguisher refill machine for extinguisher

Item Descriptions:

ABC fire extinguisher refill machine for extinguisher

GMF-C Dry powder filler is suitable for filling various dry powder extinguishers. the main part of the machine is made of ultra-high molecular material and thus is durable. there is a cleaning function provided for the filter and no replacement is required for the filter in the whole service life of the machine. also the machine has advantage as direct recycling of various types of dry powder to avoid environmental pollution, simple operation, convenient use, small size and convenient movement.

Technical Parameters:

Volume: 700×460×1180mm

Weight: 66 Kg

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Power: 0.75KW

Filling Speed: 7Kg/min

Suitable calibre:20~80mm


1. Fill appropriate amount of 20# engine oil to elevating pieces;

2. When sucking, do not insert the suction tube too deep in the dry powder, otherwise, the tube is easy to be blocked;

3. Disqualified dry powder or powder with over amount of moisture is strictly prohibited to use;

4. After finish filling each time, tread on the footboard of the reversing valve times to remove the remaining dust and powder on the filter.

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ABC fire extinguisher refill machine for extinguisher

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