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Jacketed kettle is also called cooking pot/kettle. Usually consists of pot body and feet. The pot body is composed of inner and outer spherical pot body double deck structure, intermediate sandwich ventilation with steam heating. The steam type jacketed kettle has the

advantage of high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, rapid temperature rising, beautiful appearance, safety and reliable, etc. Jacketed kettle is widely applied in all kinds of food processing, can also be used in large restaurant or dining room to boil soup, cook, stew, boil porridge, etc. Blender is available as customers’ requests.

1.According to the heating method divided into steam heating type, electric heating type and gas heating type.
2.According to the structure divided into tilting type and fixed type.
3.According to whether with stirring can be divided into with stirring and without stirring.

2.Characteristic of the product
1) . Easy to install and operate;
2). Uniform Heating;
3). Large heating area;
4). Short boiling time;
5). Easy control of heating temperature;

6). Mixing scrapers can touch the bowl thoroughly avoids pasting;
7). Stirring speed is adjustable;
8). Corrosion & abrasion resistance;
9). More durable;

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